Riyadh Metro Stategic Station Concept Masterplans

A world class TOD strategy for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Arriyadh Development Authority is currently constructing an ambitious underground metro rail network consisting of six lines served by 86 stations with completion due in 2018. ystudio has designed five area based concept masterplans in collaboration with Barton Willmore International at key station locations to make the most of the transformative opportunities that this project brings.

These will change the city’s regeneration and development model, and are based on international best practice TOD references in Europe, North America and the Far East. The concept masterplans introduce innovative, walking, cycling, shared vehicle, interchange and smart city initiatives. Low carbon development strategies are introduced. The TOD concept masterplans include a high-density city centre site, a new knowledge campus, a mix use market quarter, a retail destination and a residential quarter. Climate sensitive strategy ensures that people friendly places are created in all station locations.

Client Arriyadh Development Authority 2016-

Consultants Barton Willmore International with Buro Happold and others